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Copper fittings


Theonilde has implemented, in recent years - beside the core business of brass fittings - the production of numerous copper turned precision fittings for water, heating, refrigeration, gas and solar use.


Theonilde could supply copper fittings only for

high volume orders and for a long term delivery’s plan


All copper fittings are made through spindles manufacturing. Copper fittings are obtained from the highest quality copper rods.


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The copper used is CW024A. This specific copper, which is almost pure, has been used since roman age to produce hoses for drinking water and during the years to produce many other items for industrial fields: from drainpipes to roof upholstery,  even to artistic use thank to its malleability and coins.


Trend of production for Semifinished copper items expressed in tons


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Thanks to its chemical characteristics, copper - and copper fittings in particular - is impenetrable to gas, it’s easily shaped, has an high corrosion resistance and it’s not affected by the ageing if exposed to the solar rays. Thanks also to its high heat conductivity is one of the best alloy to obtain an excellent the heat exchanging. For this reasons, copper CW024 and fittings made in copper are used for all those application which require high rate of heat exchange.


All the copper fittings, made in CW024A, could be customized according to customer specifics.


Theonilde could offer a wide range of copper fittings solutions such as adaptors, soldering rings, compression fittings to be welded, copper unions, copper nipples, copper connectors, etc.


All copper turned precision fittings could be made on customer drawings.


Copper fittings offer very solid motivation about why choosing copper:


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Some chemical anc mechanical features for copper and copper fittings


Simbol    UNI EN Element Cu % P % Mass Volume gr/cm3
Cu-DHP  CW024A 12449 min 99,9 0,015  
      max / 0,040 8,9


Copper Properties


Property  Value
Melting temp.  1083 °C
Boling temp. 2595 °C 
Heat specif. (average at 20°C) 0.092 cal\(g °C) 
Latent heat of melting 205 J\g 
Heat conductivity 0.94 cal\(cm2s°C)
Electric Resistance (at 20°C) 1.7241x10-8 Ohm m 
Density 8.90 g\cm 
Coefficient of elasticity 120\kN\mm2 
Volume variation for melting 4% circa 
Expansion coeff (0-20°C) 16.8x10-6\°C 


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Mechanical Resistance of copper in general and copper fittings in particular, it’s relatively low, but its ductility is very high. Due to its chemical structure, copper fittings don’t have a marked yield point during the strength tensile test. Low temperatures bring about to very high mechanical resistance and ductility. Conversely high temperatures reduce the mechanical resistance and may affect negatively the ductility.








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